Friday, January 14, 2011

"The Thing That I Despise MOST"

Okay, when I run outta stuff to blog about, the "psychological" side of me comes out....
and let me tell ya, I'm probably a dream for any psychologist.
I start thinking...and when my little brain starts goin it usually gets me in trouble.
With that being said, I just wanna tell you "the thing that I despise THE most..."
Enter Archie Bunker...Well, really he was more of a Bigot, but that's for another blog.
Actually if I had to live with Edith I woulda complained too. (circa 1971) for you youngins
Bigotry is another thing that I despise.
But this is about complainers...
Forgive me if you are a self proclaimed complainer because I know that some people just can't help it.
And that's the truth, I really think some complain just for the sake of complaining (without even realizing it!!)
Right now I'm hearing my good friends gasping [under their breath] (is she serious????)

No really, I like to think that I got a little of being just a [little bit] of a non-complainer from my mom.
 I DO complain mind you, heck we all do from time to time.  And really that's okay.
But...I'm not talkin about mini-complainers, I'm talkin about BIG TIME complainers
When the wonderful minister who performed my mom's funeral asked my brothers, my sister and me the one thing we admired most about our mom, we all agreed in unison,,,, "she NEVER complained".
I'm serious folks she really, really never did!
I think she could have been homeless and would have found something good to say about it.
What a wonderful thing for something to remember you by and say about you.
Why in the heck am I bringing this up?
I guess because it was a subject that came up during lunch with some wonderful friends yesterday.
(in Atlanta, and yes if you've seen the ice that Atlanta has on the roads on TV, believe it, it's awful)
Sorry, I'm digressing.
Back to complainers.
There's just something I don't understand about complainers.
What good does it do?
I mean seriously folks, it gets you no where and I actually think it takes you back a few steps.
I'm not talkin about people that complain to companies about not doing their jobs correctly and stuff like that, and BELIEVE me, I'll complain about that,,,I'm talkin about people that complain about things just for the sake of complaining.
You know, like things like not having this, or not getting to do that or this hurts and that hurts and why can't this happen and this always happens to poor pitiful me and,,,, blah, blah, blah...
Ya know, if you've got something to complain about, do something about it dagummit!
If you need help, ask for it!  Don't complain about not being able to do something about something.
Sister is a perfect example of this.  Her life has not always been easy,,,,but she's done something about it!
And, I'm so proud of her.  She's a non-complainer.
I was telling "E" yesterday that I will gladly do [just about] anything for people who don't complain and genuinely need my help.  On the flip side, if they are a complainer, I turn the other shoulder and usually put cotton in my ear.  Don't ask me for help if your a complainer,,,period.
It's just my nature.
If I sound hard and like a non-compassionate person, please forgive me,,,I'm just speaking my mind.
I'm just complaining about complainers. hum.

I'm very lucky and blessed that I am healthy, my family's healthy, I have wonderful family and friends that love me and am blessed to have a beautiful home and things that I want and need.  So, some would say I don't complain because I don't have anything to complain about.  I actually have plenty I could complain about, I just choose not to. I don't take my life for granted because my life wasn't always this easy.  And by the way, I realize your life can change in an instant.
"W" and I have worked really hard to get to the point where we are.
Was this a crazy blog????
Just food for thought today...
Are you a complainer?
You guys have a wonderful, beautiful non-complaining Friday!
Be happy to be alive!
If you live in the South, it feels like Monday!


  1. YEP, that's me...My mom is a complainer...Guess the nuts don't fall far from the tree....hahaaha...

  2. you are not! (a nut that is!) haha just kiddin!

  3. My Mother never complained & neither did her four sisters, & believe me they had reason too... They are all gone now, but they left a lasting impression on me that I hold dearly to my heart... I miss them so much but I know they are all together & having a ball together,just like they did hear on earth...LOVE