Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"She Said Yes!"

I've been putting off this exciting news for a few days now because I certainly didn't want to overshadow my mom's laying to rest.
"W" and I now have an engaged son!
"She said yes"
right in front of Cinderella's Castle in Disney World
and the Boggs' clan could not be happier.
Amy.....beautiful, brilliant, quiet, creative, photographer, neonatal nurse, learner, lover of children
Greg....handsome, brilliant, not too quiet, creative, photographer, master worker for the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, learner, lover of children
Bests friends to each other
The perfect match.
Can't wait to see the offspring they will one day produce.
The ring was perfectly stunning for a beautiful girl
a cushion cut diamond with diamonds surrounding the band.
Picked out by Greg himself
She will be a wonderful asset to our family and we all cannot be more excited.
I wish I could tell all the details of the engagement, but since she has her own blog, I'll let her clue you in
Now....on to some other pretty exciting news.
You know,,,,,I'm an Alabama fan
I really don't care too much for the Auburn Tigers
being from the state of Alabama, I have to be proud of the state of Alabama's Auburn Tigers for winning the BCS championship.
To have produced two schools that have back to back championships as well as Heisman trophy winners is pretty darn amazing.
So, let's just say I'm proud of the state of Alabama.
and gritting through my teeth I will say it
War Damn Eagle.
ouch that really hurt!
Have a wonderful (still snowed in-but got outta jury duty today) day y'all
Oh, my FB friends talked me into doing nothing yesterday,,,,and believe me, I did just that....nothing.
Today though?
taking down Christmas decos AND making mom's chocolate chip cookies.
YOU WILL NOT wanna miss tomorrow's blog!  I promise!!!!
luv you guys,


  1. Your home is beautiful!!!

  2. Congrats on your son's engagement - I'm sure this will bring much joy to your family. I was glad to see an SEC team win the BCS, since I'm a Kentucky grad. :)

  3. Congrats to you all and Gregory:)) (or Greg:))

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  5. I can't wait to be a Boggs!!!!

  6. Here ya go mom...