Monday, January 24, 2011

"Must Haves" for my lil man

Okay, I'm just gonna say it.....Boys are hard to buy for.  And ya know, that continues into adulthood too.  Why is that so?  Girls are just so darn easy.
I'm sittin here trying to find some cute spring stuff for Lil B and nothing is hitting my fancy.  Well, maybe a few things.
I think it could be because he's only 6 months.
He's in that "in between stage"  Don't cha just hate that?
A new friend of mine "M" directed me to a wonderful clothing site that I am just salivating over called
oh be still my heart!
These are some of the cuties I found over there
how cute is this?????
 and this?

 this is a must have for Lil B. period.
 I might actually make him a couple of pairs similar to this...
now on to Garnet Hill 

he HAS to have these

Then on to my favorite store in Atlanta.....
this is my ALL time fav store for gifts..
Go to it NOW!!!

Lil B would love this
and this would be wonderful.  I actually might make him one of these.
He needs a rolling around pad really bad.
I'll do it and then do a tutorial, how bout that?

 I think this is the video monitor that we were "supposed" to get for J but we got the wrong kind. oops.
Actually, I think she want's one that goes through her Iphone.  That way she can keep texting.
 darling again
 and finally, if you have a teething bebe,,,,,don't to find Sophie the giraffe.  You will not be sorry folks.  Remember RUN don't walk.

and finally,,,,if you wanna spend a thousand bucks on that special lil man...
I'm just sayin.

Have a superfabulous days y'all!


  1. Lois Anne loves loves Sophie!!!
    Check these for boys , too