Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Snow Crazy" and a the BEST EVER dressing mix!

I mean Stir Crazy
That's what I am.....
OKAY, I seriously don't know how you guys up north do it.  Being snowed in is like THE most miserable thing EVER.  Today, W and I HAD to get out.  We have been stowed up in the house now for 3 days (with my wonderful in-laws....)  who I know must be getting really sick of us.
Anyway, I wanted to take some pics of the snow and we needed to get out of the house REALLY bad, so, we went to Watkinsville, Georgia.  A beautiful little town with an amazing Italian Restaurant.
For lunch.
Across the street lies a beautiful quaint little church.
Unfortunately there are all kinds of power lines that make the church pic a bit of an eye sore.
 but we found another beautiful church!
 then we went to a favorite neighborhood filled with beautiful farms.
This is one of my favorite barns.
 that is the home to one of my favorite guys!
 and another, who was a camera hog
 ......and a flirt
 "W" and I decided to go visit our friends
 Slippin and slidin the whole way....and my new friend wanted to get a little "too" close!
 by this time he was well, gettin a lot too close.
 I love barns.
 Hum.....this was an interesting sight! Welcome to the south in snow!
 anyone for golf in the snow?????
 then I had to take a pic of  the back of a house of someone really, really close to me!

 Okay, on to other stuff....Jordan's yummmmmmmmmmmmy, yummy dressing.
Let me tell ya.  Go to the market TODAY and get the stuff to make this y'all.
It's better than good.
Here's what cha need....(recipe below)
 dump it all in the Cuisinart
 Add a little hot sauce (to taste)
 Squeeze a couple a limes

 Add the ranch dressing mix
and mix away until smooth!
 There ya have it....
You can use this on a world of things.  I'm puttin it on a salad tonight for salad dressing, but J put it on chicken taquitos.  But they are also good for chicken finger dips, steak bites, really this stuff taste great by the spoonful!
I actually ate it with potato chips.

Jordan's Dressing:
1 cup mayo
1/2 C. milk
1 pkg. hidden valley salad dressing mix
1/4 C. green salsa mix
2 squeezed limes
1/2 cup well chopped fresh cilantro
2 chopped garlic cloves
hot sauce to taste
Mix well in a blender or cuisinart
I think it will last about a week in the fridge,

Eat it up y'all!


  1. Just in time.......certainly need a new salald fressing, afraid I am boring the boys here. Not sure we can get Hidden Ranch here but maybe substitute.
    Sounds delicious. Hope you are feeling slow-and-easy on yourself this week. XO

  2. Oh my goodness, I would love to get married in a cute little white church like that! I'm so excited to start planning :)

  3. I am getting totally addicted to your blog! I have gotten tired of cooking, but you are about to inspire me! In more ways than one! You just keep on keeping on!! A2

  4. Mom, this was the best blog you've ever done. The horse pictures and captions are cracking me up. Also, whose house is that? I could have sworn that is ours', I'm confused?

  5. Thanks Cal! It is ours! hahah!
    e-mail me your address and I'll pop a Hidden Ranch dressing mix in the mail to you (as a gift to my Gift Wrapped Life) friend!!!! I might even have to wrap it up special for you to have a little friendly competition! hahah! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!!!

  6. Great pictures!!! And now I am craving that dressing!! YUM!

  7. Love,love,love the little churches!!!

  8. O my word- I brought my camera to work today to takes pictures of churches- I have a list of structures I want to photograph and never bring my camera- today it rode with me- i love barns especially old ones the ones that have stood through all the storms and are still standing hundreds of years later....
    Are you coming through SC anytime soon??

  9. your house is sooooo gorgeous and i love the pics of you and W