Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"My Mom's Legacy"

You know when I run out of blog material I resort back to my photo albums.
One of my BFF's surprised me yesterday here in Birmingham.  Precious friend literally jumped off a cruise ship and made the trip early the next morning to be with me.  I cried like a baby in her arms.
It was a wonderful moment of love for a friend.  One that I desperately needed.
After visiting mom we went to Sister's house and "E" was mesmerized at the multitude of photos of all of mom's beautiful grandchildren.  All 14 of them.  7 girls and 7 boys. And now to add to that mix 2 beautiful great grandchildren.  Perfect in their own right.

What a wonderful, needed afternoon I had with one of the most favorite people in my life.
She left me with this song.
"This Woman's Work"
She felt like it might be too raw for me to listen to it right now, but I couldn't resist.
It's true,,,,,This is the work of a beautiful woman
Her hand touched each one of her beautiful grandchildren.
So, here to show you....my mom's legacy...
in birth order.

Mom's still with us.  It's brutal waiting for that call.
I want to tell you how comforting it is though for you to be following this journey with me.
I just can't thank you enough.


  1. What beautiful children!!!

  2. Kendall.....EVERY child is GOOD LOOKING!!!! Some amazing genes from your mom:))))

  3. Kendall, I should have written you sooner! I have been praying for your Mom and you and your family! I know that this is a difficult situation and God does give strength, peace and comfort that is real when we seek HIm! My Dad died of cancer 6 years ago in December and we had a waiting period also. Looking back I know the Lord God and friends love and support got me through it! It was amazing the peace that I experienced! God cannot take away our grief and pain, BUT His presence sustains us!
    I love reading your blog! You are an amazing, gifted woman! I am so glad that we had time in New York together! I hope we can get together again! Park loved having time with Lynn! (I loved your pic with him and words about your marriage!)
    I will keep you all in my prayers! Love & Blessings!!! Kim Mims

  4. That song always gets me everytime I hear it. Your mother certainly left a legacy. Sending prayers your way. :)

  5. That is a beautiful legacy! In September, my husband lost his grandfather. He was vibrant and healthy, but after a routine check-up he was diagnosed with leukemia in early August, then acute leukemia in early September and he died on Sept. 25. It was so fast and at the same time, so slow. Oddly enough, it was like waiting for the birth of a child. You know it will happen and will happen soon, but you never know when and you don't know how it will go. An obvious conclusion, but with so many questions. When he did pass, Rob's grandmother asked the grandchildren (and grand-spouses because we were/are all treated the same) to write something special about Dado (that's what we call him) on a notecard. The minister read them during the service. It was a really beautiful way to celebrate his life, his legacy. Thank you for sharing. Many hugs and prayers to you and your family. Peace be with your mother.

  6. hey kendall, you have a beautiful family. i am sorry i have been away from a computer for two weeks--but kim has been keeping me posted. you, your mother, and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers! i am thinking about you often! love you!

  7. And you are already counting that legacy Kendall, can see it in all the pics you post. You have a beautiful family and you gather them around you every chance you get.........I am sure she is so proud of you for that. xx