Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Wedding!

Oh my gosh.  I don't remember a time a wedding was so much fun.
Just perfect.  The weather co-operated immensely and the setting, the church, the reception venue were all just perfect.
The bride was stunning
the groom, well.  He IS my son so I can brag a little now can't I?
Adorably handsome
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Harper Boggs!

Evey must have twirled 100,000 times!

My lil "B" made a short guest appearance

beautiful sister and niece

well lookie there! me eating!  the food was sooooooo good!

the groom's cakes  I loved the idea of 4 simple cakes on tree trunk stands!

Amy's veil was just stunning

Creed and Bob (Callen's date for the weekend)

Sweet "E" came with her beautiful fam!

Grandaddy and all of his granddaughters (and great granddaughter)

I love that Evey used a napkin ring as a bracelet!

Princess smile!

another cutie pie!!! (don't worry he wasn't drinking that beer)

Dr. Leslie and Pete (our boat captain extraordinaire and wonderful friends) came!  We love them to pieces!

Aiden and Jenna Ann


I love this photo!

and this one too!

and they were off to live happily ever after!
have a wonderful day y'all!
I'm heading back home :(


  1. Looked beautiful!!! I love that pic of callen hugging sweet it got me a little teary! I can't believe Greg is all grown up and married... I remember him as a little policeman on callens first Halloween, running around my parents den. Congratulations!

  2. What beautiful photos! Your family is gorgeous! Congratulations! and I also LOVE the cake on tree trunk display; All was so lovely!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Beautiful wedding! Congrats!!
    What a special time!!

  4. Lovely!! Congratulations !!
    I love the veil !!!!