Monday, October 17, 2011

Look What Happened

to my beloved wreath that I made about a month ago.  You know, the one I spray painted brown cause I was too cheap to go buy new ones?
Well, one fell off the door and broke in half.

No help for this poor thing, I just had to go get some stuff and make new ones.  

So,,,,off to HobLob to get the required materials to make some new ones
oh oasis wreaths anywhere.
I had to settle for 2 humongous grapevine wreaths.

and some moss....well lookie there I'm wearing appropriate footwear!

I started stuffing the moss into the wreath

until I stuffed all the way around it

then I started hot gluing the little waxed pumpkins

added this great ribbon that I had been hoarding for a special occasion

after a trip to Publix for more pumpkins and some corn

I think I like these better!  They aren't as dark as the others were and stand out better on my door!

Cooper agreed.  Now to fix my pumpkin stack that has rotted.  OMG let me just tell you how nasty that was.

have a wonderful Monday y'all!

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  1. I always enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing! Sincerely, Belinda Quebedeaux