Saturday, October 22, 2011


Anxiously waiting the pictures for Greg and Amy's wedding!  and,,,,,the secret [may be] out that sister (the professional photographer extraordinaire) [may] be doing weddings soon! Yes, I realize that sentence was SO grammatically incorrect.  Sorry. it's waaaay too early.  Anyway,  just thought I'd give her a few ideas....and give you a "head's up"!  And a few ideas and styles that I love. And, I'm up early about to go to a sweet wedding myself. (I'm traveling. No one is getting married at 5:30 a.m.)  And, I'm not leaving until 7.  So, guess what?  I had time to blog!  I think Autumn weddings are getting more and more popular.  W is going to one, and I'm going to another!
Wait, what about football?

The trend seems to be VERY romantic.  Very casual for the men.  Relaxed fun receptions.  Lot's of money spent.  Lots of money saved (by the do-it-yourselfers out there) and
VERY detailed.
Here we go.

back. (I wish I was her)


sweet, very sweet

for your sweets





I've posted this before and I'll post it again.

How bout a little punch of color to that wedding dress?  Just an idea.....

J Crew

Grace Kelly wedding Barbie


J Crew

J Crew

xo.  BHLDN

to go with the turquoise shoes.

J Crew

J Crew

OMY.  My favorite dress I've seen this year.  

and finally.   what a great little gifty for that bride to be and her bridesmaids?

Have a great football Saturday!
Roll Tide!

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