Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Pinterest" Sunday

Y'all know what?  I am REALLY, REALLY into pink and grey right now.
I mean really.
Maybe it's because we're decorating Baby Cakes room in pink and grey.
since it doubles as a guest bedroom guess who gets to decorate it????
ME! (I hope)
anyway, what does this have to do with Pinterest?  I just found some great looking designs there and I'm going to start dedicating my Sunday blog to Pinterest Sunday.  Just because I love that sight SO much!
Here we go....but first, I wanna show you what I did to spiffy up my dining room bench.
It went from dull:

to exciting!!  with a few little sewing techniques and a little leftover fabric, I made some "bench runners"
you likey?

now, back to Pinterest...
I'm just lovin pink,  grey, and white together.  However, I'm especially loving  grey with anything.  So, here's some cool pics I found

Old Navy

check this out.  Drapery rods hung from the ceiling to make a canopy.  Brilliant!

this has to be the most fabulous dress I have ever seen.  I'm going to copy it.
But wait.  I don't have anywhere to wear it!  Can I get an invite?

check this out, lace made with stiffener.  how cool to make a cuff!

I really love her hair

wait!  sorry to interrupt this pink and grey moment, but I had to show you this adorable idea!

back to pink and grey...or is it gray?  I think either works
actually, I just googled it.
Grey is the British spelling, and gray is the American
guess I'm British.

Marshmallow garland.  That musta takin forever! Seriously, that is one compulsive person

oh, and she (lil Baby Cate) WILL have one of my dresses!
(I'm actually painting one especially for her right now)

have a wonderful Sunday y'all!!!

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