Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Halloween Party

Whew!  I could barely get outta bed yesterday!  I had a whirlwind week after traveling forever!  I ended up back in Bham in time to spend time with the kids.  J and E had a super fun Halloween party that I of course dressed up in my "trusty" vintage clown costume. Then back to the lake.  I didn't blog yesterday because I had trouble with my I Photo.  In typical "me" form I messed with it for about 3 hours and messed again with it again last night, only to find out it was a simple button!  Tip:  if you have a Mac and you are on Iphoto, ask Help a question and it will tell you immediately what you are doing wrong, before trying to figure it out for yourself.  ERG. So, here is my little photo album!
first Lil B was a candy corn

Evey was Snow White

Then Lil B was a Cool Dude.  Notice the football in the basket.

They bobbed for little miniature apples (found at Target for little mouths)

The Elephant

The fireman

I forgot my nose.

J with Baby Dinosaur

Evey's best friend "Dorothy"

the eyes have it!

again, the eyes have it!

Don't hate me because I forgot to get face paint.  And I'm a terrible makeup artist.

Superman and Snow White

Superman and Batman

the eyes have it again!

All the kids in front of the bounce house

and their beautiful moms!

have a wonderful day y'all!
we are having picture perfect weather here!

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  1. Love Halloween costumes on children this age - absolutely adorable! Your eyelashes are great, too! My six-year old will be Little Red Riding Hood while my four-year old is set to be Batman. Should be fun!