Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pepper Place and More!!!

I 've always heard of this fabulous little place on the weekends in Bham called "Pepper Place"!
I had never been but have always wanted to go and find out what all the fuss was about.
"W" was at the Alabama-Florida game watching our team eat some gator food, so off I headed to see the grandkids!  And shop, and play and have some fun.
oh, I have to congratulate that other Alabama team on a fine victory (if I have to)
No, really, great job Auburn!
Sister came with us as we all piled in the car.  Not sure she knew exactly what to do with the kids since she only has four (let me mention) WONDERFUL kids!  But she squeezed that tiny little butt right between them and wham!  it all came back. (Did I mention she's single?) (and loads of fun)
Warning:  Photo overload!!!
 So here's what cha see at Pepper Place
a little a this

and a lil a that

Evey had a blast, my little preciousness

that dog is like "okee, dokee" what IS this child giving me?

yes, that is barbeque grits.
Okay for those of you outside of the south that don't know what GRITS are?
let's see
it stands for
Girls Rule In Town, Stupid (I think)
(I just made that up)
I'm a HUGE fan of grits

more goodies

they always have a band 

these were the cutest EVER!!!

I snagged a couple of these up really fast (before they sold out) OMG slices bread (and everything else)
like you wouldn't believe.  I see an informercial in their future really soon....
What are they?
A bow knife
p.s. I'm buying more of these when I get home on-line.  Great gift idea.
p.s.s.  I have their information but am too lazy to get up and get it, so comment if you need it!

Lil B got the giggles!

where do you eat lunch when you go to Birmingham?


and we kicked off our boots for a picnic at Railroad Park

where we indulged in our Gus' Hot Dogs.....another yummie

um, okay, he is only 1 and already has the perfect football stance. Check it out.
Hut One

Hut Two

Hut Three (is that how it goes???)

and he's off!!!

After a little retail therapy we had to take in a little Greek lovin.
(we had not eatin enough all day)

Evey loved the dancers!

see where that red hair comes from!!!

Everyone had a wonderful day!

Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday y'all!
I'm headed back after a little luncheon!
Less than a week now before Amy and Greg's big day!!!

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  1. Didn't you just love the market at Pepper Place!? I don't know why but something about it feels so southern and local and I get that "fun stuff you see in a movie" feeling. And one of the farmers there is who's supplying our wedding flowers! :)