Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Butterfly Chandelier

yep, this took me a while, but it was worth it!
This will be for Baby "Cate" whom I know I will lovingly call "Babycakes" when she arrives in February.

This is how I did "mine":
start with these items:
a large embroidery hoop, a spool of large wedding tulle, ribbon color of choice, 50 lb fishing line, a hot glue gun, and little die cut butterflies.
Now, about the butterflies.  I found mine on save-on-crafts and they are actually confetti made out of tissue.
 If doing this again I would most likely get a butterfly punch and use a heavier paper.  However I do like the softness of the tissue.  Just worried about the longevity.
This is is the butterfly punch I found on the internet.  Just google butterfly die cut.  I think this came from Sam's Club
weird that they carry this huh?

now wrap ribbon around the hoop and glue on the inside at the end

now tie ribbon in a double knot all the way around the hoop.  Trim the ribbon and sear the ends with a lighter

now do the same with the tulle

lay the hoop flat and tie four sides of tulle to the hoop.  Bring all four sides to the middle and tie a knot making sure it makes the hoop straight and level.  Now tie a bow at the top

next, hot glue each little butterfly on to the fishing line.  This is tricky because the line wants to curl up.  I glued the first one and then put something heavy on both ends of the line to stretch it out.  I then glued the butterflies all the way up the line. Do all different lengths for variation. 
Then tie the butterfly lines at each space between the ribbons.  You will need to hang this up somewhere before tying the butterfly lines to prevent tangling.

and there ya have it!
my version of the Butterfly chandelier/mobile, all ready for hanging!
especially made for "Baby Cakes"

have a great day y'all!
I'm gonna paint!


  1. What a sweet grandmother to do that for her :)

  2. Love it!
    The tissue should last, I've got 3 pompoms over Lois Anne's bed.
    It's worked well!