Saturday, October 29, 2011

One Proud Mom

I think I told you that Callen (my youngest) has been training for her first 1/2 marathon.  Well!  She did it!  And she made it beating her record.  We are all SOOOOOOOO proud of her.  I just can't tell you what an accomplishment this has been for her.  She set her goal and she diligently accomplished it.
And me? I'm One Proud Mom.

It was a chilly morning...
but she was ready!

the sun was barely up when they started

check out all the runners! it was packed with athletes

albeit a bit cold ones....(like fa-reezing)!

the starting line

there were also some hilarious costumes worn!

we embarrassed her to death at mile 7

y'all stop!

no really, please stop yelling so loud!

we were all cheering rather obnoxiously...who us? are you kidding?

do you have my jacket? nope, we let her freeze

the encourager - he was cheering everybody on and was havin a great time doin it!

here she comes!

um, can I have a banana please?

the proud family! (we miss you Amy!)
Have a great night y'all!


  1. Way to go! She is just such a beauty!

  2. Congrats to your daughter! Quite the accomplishment!