Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Did You Know.......

That today is the most important day of your life as a US citizen?
First of all, I'm a political-aholic.
Love politics and follow them religiously.
SO, I was anxious to go out and vote early.
I consider myself an "independent voter" leaning on conservative.
I vote on who "I" think will do the best job whether they are democrat or Republican.
This country is basically a business.  It needs to be run as one.  Meaning presenting a budget.
Did you know, that we have not been presented a business plan in 3 years? yep.
This country has been poorly run.  If my husband ran his company with out a business plan, he would have been gone within the first 3 months.  If that long.
I'm not going to get on my "soapbox' this morning, I just want you to know how desperately important your vote is this year.  For your well being and for your children's.
It means everything.
Get out and vote your conscience.
Have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. No, I was hoping that you were going to pick Obama!