Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Magnificent Peter Keil....part 2

the estate of the late Versace has a few, Paul McCartney has a few, he has paintings in museums all over the world!!!
What happened today at Scott's?
It was a daggum feeding frenzy at Peter Keil's.
I now have the distinct honor of rep ping him at Scott Antiques!
He has never had a rep, so this is a huge deal!
I will be showing 16 - 18 of his paintings every month!
At great prices!
His booth was packed!
People were fighting over his work!
and then,,,just like that....someone bought ALL of his paintings!
About 40 of them!
and, I had a great day too!
So, keep checking my blog for more information on how to own your very own "Peter Keil" painting.

Such a fun guy

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