Monday, November 26, 2012

More Family Getogethers!

So, every year "W" and I head on down to Grandmother's house (well sort of) the Sunday after Thanksgiving to celebrate his family holiday.
His cousin Carol opens her lovely home to us every year, making the most wonderful food ever, with the help of "W"s mom.  Who by the way has NEVER cooked a bad meal.
We usually sit around discussing the outcome of the Iron Bowl.
This year?  hehe.  Wadn't much to discuss except for the fact that Auburn FINALLY fired their joke of a coach.  Now if they will just get rid of their AD, this BAMA girl will be proud of the state of Alabama.
Now, his family is so different than mine.  It's amazing that we've been able to stay married for 31 years!
His family is totally unassuming, Godly, down to earth.
Okay, I realize what you're thinking!
Assuming, non-Godly, stuck up?
his family and mine are just different that's all.  Wonderful all in their own right!
and I love them all equally!
There is something so comfortable about going down South to this family gathering.  Getting to see everyone, seeing how their kids have grown.  Having the feeling that Mother time needs to stop right now.
She does.
So...I am in the Christmas spirit!!!
I can't believe it!
I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of Christmas to be honest.  I LOVE thanksgiving, because it's all about giving thanks.  But Christmas?  It just saddens me that the true meaning of Christmas has been diluted by commercialism.  It's just me.
Oh, stay tuned!
Next week I'm giving away a painting for Christmas!!!
now, on to more important things!  Of course I took pics!

 Hey Bean, hey Bean, hey Bean....let's talk football....
 sweet cousins!

 Bean and Bennett
 Baby Cakes was sportin some pigtails!

 aweee Houston!
have a wonderful day y'all!
let the cybershopping begin!!!

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