Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Let the Fun Begin!!!!!

Ya know, when your kids grow up and get married they have decisions to make about holidays.
It's hard, I remember those days, having to decide which family to spend the holidays with.
So, J and E spend Thanksgiving with E's fam and Christmas with us.
This year G and A will spend Thanksgiving with A's family.
So, we will only have one here for Thanksgiving :(
but, I understand, like I said, I remember those days.
So, I came to Birmingham Monday to spend some quality time with my family.
Turns out, we will still have 20 for Thanksgiving day.
I have a big family.....
but, why did I buy a 24 lb bird?
I mean, that's over a lb. a person.
We are going to be eating turkey for the rest of our lives!
Seriously folks, I could barely pick that durn thing up!
Anyway, so last night we all went to Mexican for din.
Wonderful time was had!

 Let the fun begin!!!
Hope you have a fun day too!
Be safe out there!!!

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