Monday, November 5, 2012

OH, What a Beautiful Weekend....

I had.
With one of my ALL time favorite families in the whole wide world.
First of all the art show was pretty good.
Despite the slower than normal crowd....i.e. um HUGE football weekend (Roll Tide)
and a terrible storm that popped up right before the show started.
It was worth the drive to Memphis if only to see my wonderful friends the Cayce's
Now....if you want a pattern on how to raise your kids the right way, just look at Chip and Susan.
I cannot tell you what wonderful parents these two are and the love and dedication they show each other as well as their kids.  They have a 16, 14, and yes....4 year old.
Their 4 yr old WILL marry Evey one day.  I WILL insist on them being a full blooded part of my family!
They treat me like the most special person in the world and I cannot thank them enough.
I truly love these people more than anything in the world.
This is what I walked into Saturday afternoon when I arrived at their lovely home.

 Evey's future husband :)
 Homecoming court and what a hunka dad!
 the first thing I always say to Susan is "dang girl....are you EVER going to gain weight"?
and her OHSOHANDSOME son!
 proud they should be!
 simply one of my most favorite friends in the whole wide world!
With such a beautiful smile!
 and her other half!
 It was such a pleasure being at the St. Georges Fine Art Show and Sale.
I WILL be there next year!!!!  Thank you so much for those who bought my work.
What an honor!
to Susan and Chip (and family)
I love you guys with all my heart!
Today? Back to Hotlanta to paint!
Scott Antiques is this Thursday - Sunday.
Wow.  Already!
have a wonderful day y'all!

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