Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Bidness Saturday....

Well, at least I'm feeling [a little] better....
Enough to jump on the bandwagon and promote "Small Business Saturday"
Now.  I am a BIG fan of shopping in small businesses.  Always have been.
I just love the quaintness and extra special care you get at a small business.
It is the heartbeat of America y'all!
So, since I am a small business myself, I might as well promote myself!
Here we go!
Isn't this picture totally random?
Very professional I might add.
Sorry!  I'm on my other computer.  The one that doesn't have pics of my art.
If you have any questions on sizes, availability, prices, making a purchase, please contact me at
This is a sampling of art that will be at Brentwood Academy Art Show and Sale starting this Friday - Sunday.  But, any of these pieces can be shipped out on Monday! I also take paypal and all credit cards!
thanks y'all!

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