Saturday, November 3, 2012

OH the Faces They Make.......

Yesterday I said "Jordan, why don't Eric and you have a date night and I'll keep the kids"
She said, hum really?
I said "of course, you need it"
So, to my (and W's surprise) they went to her favorite restaurant
The Bright Star
in Bessemer, Alabama
(it's actually one of my faves too.) OHTHEGREEKSTEAK
SO, she rounded up two other couples to go and I got the immense pleasure of keeping three of the joys of my life.
I'm disappointed in my camera.  Scratch that.  I'm disappointed in my ability to take photos.
Scratch that.  I'm disappointed in my lack of making sure that my camera was on the correct settings and the pics didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them, but you'll get the message.
Have I ever mentioned how much I admire children's photographers? Actually, photographers in general.  One day I'm going to take a class.
I love these kids to death.  AND can't wait for the rest of my kids to reproduce......

 I cried when I saw Evers with this dress on.  It was Jordan's when she was little. I know my mom was looking down from Heaven so proud that we took such good care of her beautiful work!

 what a giggle box!
 and then it an instant!

I love that they are all so different in their own special way.  One green eyes, one blue eyes, and one brown eyes.  Yet they are wonderfully connected.
The joy of being a grandmother!
have a wonderful day y'all!
I'm on my way to Collierville, Tennessee for the
St. Georges Independent Fine Art Show and Sale!
Come see me!  Starts at 7 tonight!!!

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  1. i can feel the joy, kendall! they are adorable, and that first image is just magic.