Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Faith Star Everlasting

After a pretty dismal outcome of the election, I woke up to find something good in the world to talk about.
A lot of you who read my blog know that my best friend from jr. high and high school died 5 years ago.
Becky was my right arm.
She shaped my personality (which was a good thing considering the one I had)
She taught me so much.
She taught me about good.
I was the one person however that I think she felt comfortable telling everything.
See, everyone put her up on a pedestal.  Everyone adored her.  Me?  even though I adored her as well, I'm very unconditional and she knew that.  She knew that we were going to be friends no matter what.
She taught me to trust myself, to trust God, to embrace the talents I had.
She and her family were simply my family.
Her brother Greg and her wonderful family has put a tribute together in the remembrance of Becky and the lives of her parents Roger and Catherine Sollie.
Mr. and Mrs. Sollie.
Two of the finest people I know in this world.
Please join me in this cause to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer.
We can TOGETHER take this a long way!
I miss her every day and her memory lives on in my heart.

I miss you every day Beck!


  1. what a lovely post. she was a striking woman. i love the last picture. i know she is missed!

  2. What a beautiful friend and you clearly were a true friend to her - so hard losing those that have known you since childhood - such a wonderful tribute...

  3. Thank you Kendall! We love you, Happy Thanksgiving. We have Becky's birthday coming up on the 25th!