Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Will YOU do....

With that winning lottery ticket?
I'll admit it...."W" and I bought some.
5 numbers for each one of our kids and ourselves.
I'll of course hide mine if I win :)
So, I'm sitting here typing thinking about what I'll do with my winnings!
First, let's see, I think I'll give oh, maybe 250 million to the government.
Why of course ! don't you think they need more money?
Let's see, then I'll pay off all of my bills.  (that doesn't leave me with much....) JK
Then I'll make a few donations to my favorite charities.
Then I'll probably give each of my kids and our parents 2M 
Hum...then there's our siblings, nieces and nephews.  I'll pay for all of their colleges, and put 500K in a trust for each one.
Oh, I forgot my grandkids.
For them, I'll put 5M in a trust for each of them. (because by the time they need it, it will be worth a lot more and I'll be broke so they'll have to take care of me.  Oh, that will be a stipulation when they get the money)
Then on to buying cars, houses, planes, boats.
Whatever my little heart wants.
Oh, I'm taking the lump some.
I just realized that I am now out of money......
have a great day y'all!
hope you win!

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