Monday, July 25, 2011

30 years ago today

30 years ago today I married the most wonderful man in the whole wide world.
I call him Mr. Wonderful
He's the perfect man for me!
We are actually worlds apart in personality and just downright different in most everything else.
I'm a big round circle with tenticles sticking all out of it, he's sorta the boxey, very privite, very giving, very loving.  He steps out of that box every now and then and it gives me goose bumps when he does
He helps me pull my tenacles in when I need to (which is quite often) and I pull him outta the box.
He is proud of me and I am him.  We are both self accomplished in our own ways.  He is a succesful CEO of a company of 1,400 employees. and me? well I just like to paint  We have 3 children, 2 grandchildren and another one on the way.
On top of that we get to welcome two special people in our lives this year.
Since we are headed home form this MOSTFABULOUSPLACE IN THEWHOLE WIDE WORLD
I'm really sad.  But, our time is up.  Back to all the other obligations in our lives.
you have to see these pics. I am totally in love with this place.
All I can say is....GO VISIT
we played a round of golf here yesterday
 were we stayed
 how beautiful is this???
 we got in from dinner last night and rose pedals were sprinkled on the bed with chilled champagine.
 My gift!!
 Lynn's gift.  You have to look pretty hard but it is embossed to say ""to the ones I love"
 and each of the 75 pages have beautiful quotes surrounding them.
 a toast to 30 years and 30 more!
I love you honey!
Have a wonderful day yall


  1. Happy Anniversary to you two!! My husband and I are celebrating 2 years today! Love your blog :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Did you know we share the same one?? Happy two years to me and 30 to you! Cheers!

  3. That place looks beautiful! Glad you had a good time. Happy 30 years! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! What an amazing couple!
    Ann Pack