Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some Sweet Friends

"W" and I had the honor of seeing some old friends (well not in age, they're not even our age!) last night.
They are here visiting at the Ritz with their wonderful, so well behaved little girls.
David and Ann Pack.
Now, one reason they are so special is that David was Gregory's football coach at Christ Presbyterian School in Nashville.  He bonded with David and so did Lynn.  I always sat in the bleachers with Ann and always admired how calm she was (even though I know it was hard hearing some of the stuff that would come outta other's mouths)  you know like.   Get the ball off! One thing coach would just go ballistic about was when the quarterback wouldn't get the signals right and the ref would call a penalty.  And usually everyone would blame the coach. Ann is just a very calming person to be around.  She brings a sense of peace to me.  And I wish we lived closer to them because we really, really miss them.  What a wonderful man, woman and the sweetest two girls you've ever been around.
Did I bring my camera? nope.
But I did manage to swipe a few photos off of her FB.
They should win "beautiful couple of the year" 

Ann and David, what a wonderful time we had last night!
Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories.
And David, please don't beat up on me too bad today on the golf course.
After golf?
"W" and I are going on a secret little "road trip" for our 30th wedding anniversary which is Monday.
I'll take my camera and I promise, I'll blog every day about what we do.
I am SO excited!
have a wonderful Saturday y'all!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Kendall!

  2. Kendall,
    Just saw your sweet post. We so enjoyed our time with you and W! Thanks for showing us your beautiful home! You all have a little slice of heaven there...the wedding reception will be spectacular!! David said he talked to you about a piece of your art! Let's talk once you have the wedding behind you. Happy Anniversary.