Monday, July 4, 2011

A Fun Day!

We had a fun day yesterday.....A little disappointing, but nevertheless, fun.
Let's see.  What DID we do?
After I finished addressing ALL of the rehearsal dinner invitations and taking them to the post office (yes, I realize they will not be open til tomorrow)'s one more thing off of my table!)
We swam in our pool, then we went over to Reynolds Landing so that Evey could watch Gigi go down the BIG slide!
Well thankfully oh I'm so, SO sad......someone had dropped the dreaded "snickers" bar dun dun,,,,,,dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, dun dun (can't you just see it right now on Caddy Shack) in the pool.  So....the pool was closed!  I have a feeling I'll be going down that thing this morning.  It's okay, I really love water slides. Snickers bars? not so much.  What I don't like, is doing them 50 times.  But, if she wants Gigi to do it,,,,I will.
So, our day was kind of a bust.  So we went home, had lunch, and I think everyone napped.
I however, went into Greensboro because I had seen a treasure outside of an antique shoppe down there.
So,,,,I snatched it up...Is this not gorgeous???? Perfect for my herbs or just to plant flowers in them. Not really sure what I'm going to put in this beauty.
I also had to pop into another favorite place in Greensboro called "Ripe Things"
and pick up some oh so wonderful South Carolina peaches for our home made peach ice cream.
"W" has been making peach ice cream all of his life.  I've never had any until last night.  Something about fruit in ice cream just turns my stomach.
What the heck? I didn't know what I was missing!!!
Now for the tutorial
(I got my camera out a little late, so we were half into this) I'll explain you through it though
Smash up eight peeled ripe peaches
In another bowl open 2 small cans of 1,800 calorie each sweetened condensed milk
add one cup sugar (I think) oops, when "W" wakes up I may change that....oops, he just said I'm way off on my ingredients.  2 cups of sugar (and he usually uses eggs but forgot and you couldn't tell any difference!)
 Mix that all up together with the peaches and pour it into an electric ice cream maker canister
 add whole milk to the line on the canister
 put the mixer in and then the top on usually takes two men to figure out how to use an ice cream maker.
 now, it usually takes two men to figure out how to plug in an ice cream maker
 put ice about half way up
 while that's goin, "W" grilled us up some OHSOYUMMY ribs and a butt.
 back to the ice cream.  Once you fill the ice half way add ice cream salt.
 then fill the ice all the way (almost) to the top then more ice cream salt and let er rip
 check this out.  I can't tell you how good this was.
 check this out,. I can't tell you how good this was
 Lil B had to get a lil silly!
 and then we watched the fireworks!
Have a wonderful, safe, and fun 4th y'all!

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  1. Have had homemade peach ice cream my whole life, since it's mom's favorite, but she has never smashed them, always diced them- we'll try this!
    Good to add peaches to DQ ice cream too!