Sunday, July 17, 2011

Headin Home!

Boy am I gonna miss this weather.  I got out in the sun yesterday, mid 70's and got an ouch sunburn.
Guess that happens when your 7000 ft closer to the sun huh? Do I have that correct?
So, the guys perty much stunk it up in the tourney (sorry  guys) but they had fun (and won a little $$$$) which all of the women of the men that won money quickly snatched it away!  Why does that happen?  W put his in his money clip too fast for me to get a hold of it. The party last night was spectacular.  Great band, beautiful people, wonderful conversation.
After the guys played yesterday, W and I went on a little shopping trip and site seeing excursion.  It was nice just having him all to myself!
First we went back down to downtown Jackson Hole and then to a craft fair.
What a good hubby huh?
Here we go with the pics!
this is an old John Deere machinery made into an ice cream maker - very cool

he may kill me for this, but since I'm on the plane and he's asleep right next to choice!
The Grand Tetons
and again
and again
I'm sorry, but idn't he cute?
we met some new friends

kiss cam!
there's are wonderful host.  Thank you Glenn for a great weekend full of fun!

the winners were?  these two!
and they won this.....and a ton of $$$$ :(jealous
remember Katie from yesterday?  my new friend?  Here she is!  Isn't she beautiful!
and with her sweet mom and [I think] her dad
the club president and his oh so lovely wife
We had so much fun....
Goin home to much warmer weather.
um 98?
and guess what?
20 days till the wedding.
have a wonderful day y'all!

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