Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Party was Perfect!

Except for A LOT of flies.
Wow, they really get into some "low country boil" food.
So did everyone else!  Along with these muffins that I think I had about 2 doz. of.  I'm gettin that recipe and sharing it with you.  It WILL be a blog you won't wanna miss.
We had SO much fun last night and I want to share all of the photos with you.
A BIG thank you to those who drove so far to get to the party.  We are so humbled by your love and support of our family.  Chip and Susan, Todd and Debbie, and Troy and Dawn, we love you and love that you love our child like you do!  Thank you!
So, here's the pics.
Weather was perfectly HOT, but we made it through!
sister's beautiful family
 sister and Jordan (whom everyone claimed had the prettiest dress on!)
 One of my favorite nieces!
 the tables were set perfectly causual!
 with easy centierpeices

 Ally admiring the decorations???? I think.
 Chef Eric Elikins. 
1) King of the Low Country Boil

 There's the groom Jefferson (idn't he just the cutest ever???)
 an emotional greeting (for the first time) from Callen's second parents.
 Kaci and her new fiance
 Jordan and Susan who we miss like crazy!!!
 there's my number two child - Greg!
 Whit, the Cayce's youngest, liked the ice outta the keg!
 more hostesses!

 two of Callens very best, totally beautiful friends. WOW.
 sweet g-daddy
 we had lots of folks!
 Dawn fanned the princess
 and uncle Clay was fanning the flies
 another wonderful hostess
 our wonderful friends Sissy and Larry
 two beautiful nieces.
 Sister and me

 our wonderful friends the Cayce's
 Cindoo and me!
 my wonderful brother Clay.
 a special thank you to Jordan and Eric for "puttin on the show".  They worked SOOOOOOO hard!

 and, this will be the next wedding!!!!
Amy and Greg!
 Have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. Beautiful!! I promise you, that Callen is SO dang beautiful and looks so cute everytime I see her (on your blog!) And Jordan, stunning as ever! Everything looked SO fun and what a fun party! Loved the centerpieces and tablecloths. Perfect for that!