Saturday, July 16, 2011

What a fun day yesterday was!

We had such a fun day yesterday.  After doing a little "facelifting" to Glenn's house, Glenn's daughter Jay and I went to a fashion show at the 3 Creek Ranch clubhouse.  Met such fun ladies, one in particular that I know I would SO hang with if we lived closer.  Katie, if you're reading, I so enjoyed you!.  And she liked my shoes!!! big plus.  Especially since one little smart alec did a parody on them on fb yesterday!!! haha!  anyway, Then we did some power shoppin at downtown Jackson.  Great lil shops down there.  I bought Lynn something he collects then looses, a dinosaur money clip and some essentials for moi. Then we headed home for a birthday party for this special lil 11 yr. old: (the one with the balloon)
isn't this a cutie (the baby y'all)
I think Daniel had a lot of fun
future model one
future model two
Daniel is truly the smartest kid I know.  I'm not lyin y'all.

more lbs on my booty.
I'm workin on my tan today.....or I may visit the spa....hum. what would you do?????
have a great day y'all

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