Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black Thumb

I will just admit right now, I have a black thumb.  No....I didn't hurt it, (that would be really ugly)  I am just terrible at planting.
I'm way too impatient.
However, there is this special soil that I used that I swear has given me a green thumb!
It's a moisture enhanced soil.  AND I've watered everything to death.
So, a little show n tell for those of you like me who love flowers!
Mandevilla is my new best friend

I love my impatiens with a little ivy
I even planted some herbs

when all fails, use ferns
 and then I come inside to this........yikes. Could someone tell me what to do with all this stuff?
and....will the wedding ever get here??? We are down to 16 days.
have a great evening y'all!


  1. what are you doing up so late you are normally the early bird poster
    love your flowers..... is there anything you can't do? never mind dont answer that

  2. I know your wedding is going to be the most beautiful wedding ever!!! Love you and love your flowers!!! <3

  3. Wish I was close enough to be there and help you,although I know you have everything under control....

  4. Beautiful flowers...when DO you sleep?! Been catching up on your blog - the gorgeous party with your precious family, the amazing trip hoping the rocking horse came home with you)...and a wedding in 16 days...you're too much!! Can't wait to see all of the gorgeous photos ~

  5. Your flowers are INCREDIBLE! I don't believe your black thumb for a second! I swear by Osmocote. Its a little sprinkle and you sprinkle it into your flowers. Go get some before the wedding!! They will be singing your praises in 16 days!! :)