Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hum.....lets see

What can I talk about today?
Well, I had a 3:30 anxiety wake up call.
15 days till wedding.
Worried about this:
and the list goes on.
The rain got to me yesterday because we had a HUGE downpour!
OMG I realized what WILL we do?
My flowers, however, loved every drop of the delicious drink they received.
oh, and Erin?  Osmocoat rocks 
I can already see a difference in my plants!
Since I don't have much to talk about
I'll leave you with a beautiful picture that I took on our trip to the Bahamas a few weeks back...
Have a wonderful Thursday y'all!
I'm headin to Birmingham (again)
To work on the choppers. (and get these programs DONE)


  1. Kendall....I was in your shoes last year at the same time...worrying about rain. A rehearsal dinner at my house OUTSIDE (BTW.....a DOWNPOUR on EVERYTHING while we were at rehearsal....came home to dinner INSIDE...but it didn't put a damper on the special occasion.We had compliments about how casual and relaxed.....cramming over 100 people inside AT THE LAST MINUTE ....the dinner was:)) I just hated that Justin and Lindsay didn't see what we had put together for them). 2 weeks later Jessica's wedding OUTSIDE at the farm. We were pretty nervous. Jessica was a little, but not at all the day of the wedding....with clouds lurking for 2 days. Her outlook that day was, I'll be married to Ryan regardless of rain or shine:))) Kendall, after the ceremony, the lighting guy said it showed on his was raining ALL THE WAY AROUND OUR FARM.....and not on Jessica's wedding:))))People drove in downpours of rain....and no rain at the farm. Right before the reception....there was a rainbow going across an area where we have a cross in Bill's memory:) I guess I can say....don't worry. First of all, it's not in our control:) Have a plan B if you can....BUT we didn't. But knew something would work out if it rained....WHEW!!!!!! It will all be can only do so much:))

  2. Did you go out and buy it? My flowers are like GIANTS these days and I am certain it's because of that!!

  3. Two thoughts-
    Outside wedding 2 of 3 daughters and has where you can sign up for events and they, a week out, will give you an hour by hour outlook for your event.
    Tell Callen that "A wet knot is harder to untie".

    I also have a vague plan B. Did not need either time! Wish that for you. Home receptions/weddings are so special. Something that others cannot repeat and always just have the best feel to them.
    Get your prayer warriors going!