Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm a Snob

I'll just come on out and admit it.....I'm a snob....when it comes to the ring bearer.
First of all, we have our first second glitch.  We aren't sure the ring bearer is gonna walk down the isle.
We're hoping Evey will too for that matter!!! haha!
Anyway, so anyone know a ring bearer that we can rent for the night?
Just kiddin, we have a back up plan in place.
This is why I'm a snob.
I got it from my mother and her love of french hand sewn outfits.
I've shown both of my ideas....this Eton suit and a french hand sewn outfit  to both the bride and groom and they both went.
um mom.....that would be a NO.
This was the first
a classic Eton Suit.  Seriously, is that not the cutest for a wedding?
Next was (and I don't have a pic)  an outfit that mother made Jackson when he was 5.  A french hand sewn ivory lace number. OHSOBEAUTIFUL!!!   
That was a BIG no.
So, I bet this is a dilemma that a lot of you brides have huh?
We think it's gonna be this

Simple khakis and a white shirt and pink tie

and the tie....this is a maybe from vineyard vines

oops, forgot the belt
okay, I may run this by the B & G and start ordering!!!
have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. haha, love the "snob" part! Re: first suit...I'll bet it is the Peter Pan collar that is the "No" part. My son would totally nix that. And I have to agree with them on the lace number for a 5 year old. You are so funny, gal!!

  2. I do have to say that my 4 year sweet boy is the best ring bearer ever! We did a compromise on the outfit: he wore a pair of blue linen shorts, sandals, and a white back button Peter Pan collared shirt-- w his monogram in blue, done by your 1st born- I'll email you a pic.:-)