Friday, July 8, 2011

The Root Canal

I guess I have to tell you my every move huh?
The root canal and crowns went SO well.  I mean seriously folks, another "shout out" to my two new (well one was already a "best friend") the other is a new best friend.  For making this SUCH a painless procedure.  And you cannot even tell that I have two crowns in my mouth.  Albeit temporary ones, they look amazing!
Dr. Darren Sisal is my new best friend
but you know? I can't find his website.  Surely he has one, if not, I'm going to send him over to my son Greg
(thought I'd slip the BEST website designer EVER in here)
Here is Dr. Tim Haywood's again
Tim will send you right down to Darren if you need more extensive work.
Really, if you live in the Birmingham area and need dental work, look no further than these two guys.

Okay, I'm done giving "shout outs"
Oh, do you know how I wish I could show you THE DRESS?????  We had a magician re-make, update, and turn my wedding gown into a totally new one for Callen.  Glad I found one of mom's hankies because I will need it when I see Callen walkin down that isle.  I think she will be the most beautiful bride ever!
Now........guess what?  I get to reveal my little secret!
See that lil peanut right there?
Yep, we're getting a new little g-baby!!!
We are just thrilled beyond words.
Jordan and Eric are due February 21st!
If you want to see the cutest thing ever hop on over to j's blog
Have a fantabulous day y'all!
ME? I get to go stand in line at the DMV with Calliemo, to get a new driver's license then off to renew her passport for her exciting honeymoon! (yes, I know, we are a lil behind on this.)  Saying a prayer that all this can be done really fast.


  1. February 21st is your cousin Jay`s Birthday!!! Yea...Luv!!!

  2. I saw that on her blog!! HOW FUN!!! They have the most beautiful babies, I have NO doubt this one will be so precious! Y'all may as well adopt me into the family bc I seem to stalk every move! PS- I LOVED your comment on my blog. Made my day today. I would love to talk with you about that painting! Best way to get in touch?