Sunday, July 24, 2011

Road Trip

I'st link?
We drove here last night:
I know, I know, your going, you are kidding right?  nope!  Romantic anniversary part I
and then we did this:
corny huh?
Well, "W" and I looooove to play black jack.  So, this was the closest casino for us to win some $$$$$$
and we did!!!  I won 800.00 and W won 1,200.00!   AND we had SO  much fun!
This morning?
We are heading to Cashers to the Old Edwards Inn
but first up, a round of golf.
and whadda ya know....I left all golf clothes and shoes, so I guess I'll be giving away some of my earnings from last night.
Have a fun, beautiful day y'all!

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