Sunday, July 3, 2011

Show - n - Tell

I lied, I'll admit, couldn't go a weekend without bloggin.
Yesterday morning I got up and decided to sew.  Let all the fam stay upstairs ( I was so rude) ....and sewed.
See, we wanted Bennet to wear one of mother's french hand sewn outfits for the wedding.
Problem was,,,,out of about 100 outfits, there was not one ivory and ecru size 12 month boy outfit., it was up to me. (or buy one). And, they HAD to match the ecru and white saddlockfords that I bought him last weekend But since we didn't have one of her outfits, we decided pay tribute to her by using her lace. And we wanted something really simple and elegant. By the way.... ut um.......I'm serious y'all,,,,,I have about $5,000 of my mother's lace in my sewing room. and I ain't lyin.  So,,,,I decided I could do it.  Even though I've never sewn a french hand sewn outfit before.  We'll they're not really done by hand, they are stitched by the the sewing machine.  Not really why they call them french "hand" made".  Anywho, it was fun!!!  I think I'll have to do more of these, definitely. fit like a glove and was PRECIOUS on him with that red hair.
Be still my Bennet lovin heart.

I think my mom would be proud!
Have a wonderful Sunday ya'll!
our agenda....(according to Evey, she's made out a list)
1) Make Gigi go down the BIG slide (and it's really big)
2) Boating
3) Lunch
4) nap
5)  Swim
6)  Nap
7)  Cook ribs on the barbie
8)  Swim again
9)  Watch fireworks from the back yard (we can see them from the Ritz!) (if I can stay up that late)
Have a wonderful (and safe) 4th y'all!


  1. no way...this is amazing!! I can see my grandson(due in Sept) wearing this one day!! You definitely have to get your sewing machine ready and start an etsy shop. Happy 4th to you and your precious family!!