Sunday, December 25, 2011

Callaway Christmas Eve!

Warning Over load!!!  After the Candlelight service we all dress up in our pjs.  Well, almost all of us, but we still had such a blast donned in matching pajamas and playing "dirty santa". You know the game where you steal gifts from one another.  And let me tell ya!  It got a little dirty!  Here we all were, all 25 of us minus the Graves fam that were taking the pics.
 Evey had the honor of handing out all the gifts
 just had to show you some of the cute deserts!
 before pjs.
 again, before pjs
 Ames and Evers
 Sister and her kids

 someone got a whoopi cushion

 Evey loved this game!!!

look!  another whoopi cushion!

 We had so much fun!!!
Merry Christmas y'all!
Hope you have a great Christmas day!

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