Thursday, December 8, 2011

I have a New Appreciation

1) for professional photographers
2) for professional painters
Neither of what I'm good at.
Let me show you how our little photo session went yesterday
hum, not really wantin to do this, but she was gonna give it her best shot!

and take care of lil bro

who really did not want to co-operate

Evey tried!

Mom, what do I do?

Oh well.

Evey, still smiling for the camera!

and again!

Lets throw Charlie in the mix

um, nope, that didn't work either (but Evey is still camera ready!)

and he's off!

my sweet lil preciousness


gettin some Charlie lovin

awe, now there's a keeper

and he's off again!

and the before of Amy and Greg's house.  Pics of after will be tomorrow as I am finishing today!
With sweet Amy's help yesterday, we knocked out the first coat.  Can't wait for you to see what we are doing!  It is going to look wonderful!
and the best part?  I got to spend time with and bond with my sweet new DIL.  We painted to glorious Christmas music.
It was wonderful!
Have a fabulous day y'all!


  1. Lucky children ... you are such a treasure! What a great gift to give them your time for a week. The photos of the kids are wonderful. I hope Jordan uses that one with Evey looking like she is not sure what to do with her brother. So cute! Have fun! When you come back to ATL, we can go to the spa and relax. xo E.

  2. Sweet sweet pictures and I am also super frustrated when trying to capture 3 adorable angels!
    Can't wait to see the paint color and the room come together. Please, please come help in Griffin! I'm about to tackle it myself but not 100%. Will definitely require professional help in some capacity before I'm finished.