Friday, December 30, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For

I can't tell you how many times this year I have said "I just want this year to go away"!  Do you ever have a year like that?  Just go! Get outta here and lets start over.  Well I have felt that way since mother passed away.  Having said that, I have so many things to be thankful for in my life.  And that is what has sustained me from the difficulties this last year has brought.  I never post anything about my life having "issues" but I have issues like everyone else does.  I just don't care to air my dirty laundry on my blog.  I realize I am being totally transparent here and I guess that's a good thing.  Poor "W" has had to put up with a crazy woman this whole year.  But, I have so many things to be thankful for, and believe me, I don't take anything for granted.
So, things I'm thankful for:
1) W bought and redesigned a company that through his hard work and determination is now thriving.  I am so proud of his hard work.  And I mean hard y'all. Like 12 -14 hour days and stuff.
2)  I have a wonderful family that loves me like none other.  We added a daughter-in-law that I dearly love.   And I don't have to remind you how much I love those two little g-babies of mine.
3)  Through a lot of prayer and determination, my youngest has turned the tragedy of loosing the "love of her life" into a wonderful blessing and is healing day by day realizing that God has other plans for her. (She is honestly my hero)
4)  I have such wonderful friends that I feel would do anything for me and be there for me at the drop of a  hat.
5)  I have sold over 50 pieces of art this year alone and am so grateful for that and to the ones who have chosen to grace their walls with something I painted.  It is so gratifying.

Yesterday was a special day.  I realize I'm going to sound a little monetary here but, hey, it's my blog right?  It was one of those "pick me up" days.  I had received two gift cards from "W".  One from Niemans and one from Tiffany's.  So, I decided to do some power shopping.
One thing that is on my bucket list for next year is to take better care of myself, starting with my skin and inching down to the rest of my body.  Yep, I've let myself go in every way and I'm SO ashamed of it.
So, the Niemans card went to some Sisley products.  Mainly their night cream.  Doesn't that sound like a glamourous purchase?  OH but it's oh so yummy......
next I hoped over to Tiffany to find whatever would fit on the gift card and found the PERFECT purchase
these aren't exactly like the ones I got.  Mine are black and have the Tiffany blue inside.  They are just so cute!
Then I met my friend "E" and her sweet daughter Isabella for lunch.
We exchanged gifts and do you know what that sweet girl gave me????
A Tiffany make-up bag AND she made me go pick out all new make-up to go inside.
How fun is that?  I mean, seriously folks, I wish you could see my old make-up bag.  It is TArash.
This is going to help with the "NEW" me!

Thank you to my sweet friend "E"!!!

Now, I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.  I mean the very bottom for reading. I realize I don't have a lot of comments but based on my little sitereader I have about 400 people reading a day.  That makes me happy!  So you, you guys reading, believe it or not have sustained me this year.  Writing is a wonderful healer.  Writing a blog for all to read is my therapy, so you guys have helped in my therapy this year! :))  Thank you!
Have a wonderful day y'all and a Fantastic New Year.
What am I doing New Year's Eve?
Keeping the grandkids and lovin every minute of it!
See ya next year!


  1. Try BlueMed Spa on 10th for a wonderful massage, facial, etc. They do it all plus medical procedures other spas do not do. There is a doctor on their staff.

  2. Yes, we all have so much to be thankful for and what a fun shopping spree...isn't that the best?! Wishing you and your precious family a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!!

  3. Kendall, I am one of your faithful readers, and occasionally I even comment. Thanks for sharing! You are a talented and beautiful person, and incredibly blessed with such an amazing family. Have a happy and healthy 2012. Tammy Parker Stewart

  4. I hope you know...I would be there for you at a drop of the hat..Miss you my best bud and golfing partner. Wishing you a happy new year!! Hope we can play some golf someday soon...x's

  5. I am most thankful for my kids, grandkids ,great grand kids,emphasis on great. my sister and her wonderful family and my wife and her great family. This will be a terrific year,