Friday, December 9, 2011

A Canna Paint-Befores and Afters

WOW.  It's amazing the difference a canna paint makes isn't it?
Well, I didn't finish Greg and Amy's house yesterday because a few obstacles got in my way so I hopped back on over to J's house to check in on the progress.  3 rooms down.  WOW, those painters paint in warp speed.  Seriously, they had 3 rooms done in like 4 hours.  Remember my post yesterday?  About professionals?  Anyway, I'm finishing up Greg and Amy's today.  I'll post those pics tomorrow.  It looks SOOOO good!
So, here is J's progress
Evey's bedroom before (no we did not pick out this paint color and make a mistake) whew, not sure if this pic accurately shows how bright this pink was.
and after:
As you can tell we are waiting on the shames.  They will be ivory linen boxed shames with a little pink ruffle around them.  Then we have striped roll pillows in front of that.  Oh and we broke the mirror to the chest moving yesterday.  But after looking at the room I think I like it without the mirror. 
now on to Bennett's room.  Again, this is the before:
and after:
we aren't quite finished in here either :(
We are putting a dark baby bed in there, with an antique dry sink. Cate will get all of the white furniture.  Then we are making a barnwood valance to go over the drapes.  To finish, we are going to cover an old fabric covered rocking chair in leather.
Cute huh?
He will go from lil boy to big boy perfectly in this room
Speaking of big boy! There he is!!! oh my preciousness. Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
And his mom is too.
Seriously multitasking:
have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. Looks great!!! Where did bedspreads in Evey's room come from? They are so pretty! :)

  2. Hi Jessica! We got them at Anthropologie and they still have them! And they may be on sale :) Thanks for posting!