Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Cute Little Box

Every little girl needs a box.  You know one that they can put their special books, papers and little treasures.
So, of course I had to make a special little box for Evers when I saw her putting stuff in one of her boxes this past week.  I remembered that I had had these boxes made years ago by a woodcrafter.
YES!  The perfect little gift from her Gigi.  A hand painted box that she can keep forever.
Just for her!
So, here is what I did.
Got the box out and sanded it.
painted it ivory
taped it off
and painted pink stripes
got out my trusty xyron machine
and made a vinyl monogram
Added the vinyl monogram
(you can also buy these at a lot of monogram shoppes)
then I went over the entire box with a raw umber glaze
and then finished with a matte varnish
I decided to use a gold liner pen to add the finishing details
It is very subtle so you have to look hard
and here is the inside for her special little goodies!

I think she's gonna love it!!!
have a great day y'all!

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