Thursday, December 15, 2011


Well I think you all know by now what "W" stands for!  It's my husbands first name
Mr. Wonderful.  A couple of friends and I came up with that name after he did this 12 days of Christmas thing for me starting 2 years ago.  Well, just to set the record straight I was about to change his name. I thought yesterday was the 16th and I was counting in my head and no presents. Of course it was the 14th.  I know this sounds spoiled but hey, it's our tradition! And I was having a little pity party! Well, I went to the condo yesterday, took Cooper out to potty, came back in and there it was.   To: Mrs. Clause, From:  Mr. Clause.  I have to admit I felt bad.  And I'm only telling you my true feelings here so please don't judge me. I felt bad that I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.  I felt bad that I had truly gotten a little mad at him for breaking our tradition.
I realize how spoiled this must sound but I'm only being transparent.  A friend once told me "never set expectations because you always have to live up to them."  I prefer to set expectations so that I myself can live up to them personally.  Wait, back to the 12 days of Christmas.  Dang, I get so sidetracked.
So this is what my first present was:
It is a contraption that goes on your iphone to create a keyboard.  Do you ever mistype on your iphone?
That's the one thing I hate about those things.  They are SO sensitive.  And "W" was tired of getting gobbledego texts from me!

So, today I went and got my coffee and WHAM a gift just fell in my lap!
Looks like he's been visiting the "Made for TV" store. (I love that store by the way)
I'm gonna love this thing!
Have a wonderful day y'all!

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