Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Bore Am I!!!

I never, well almost never, go out on New Years Eve.  You see I'm a bit of a bore.  I really hate New Year's Eve because you have to stay up so late!  and, I go to sleep early so I can wake up REALLY early! I like to usher in the New Year in the comfort of my own bed.
So, this year we are going to keep the g-babies so that J and E can have some friend time in Atlanta for the Chick Filet Bowl.  I jumped at the chance to keep them! Whew!  I don't have to go out and stay up until 12:00.
What's sad is the Ritz at the lake does a spectacular fireworks display every year, and we can see it right off our deck.  It's amazing.  Maybe I'll go to sleep early, set the alarm for 11:55, get up to see the fireworks, try to take pics of fireworks (which I'm terrible at btw), kiss W, and go on back to sleep.  Lucky me, no hangover tomorrow morning!!!
yes that's a plan
In the meantime, I found some fabulous firework displays for you to enjoy!
Have a wonderful New Year y'all
and PLEASE be safe.  If you plan to drink, PLEASE don't drive.

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