Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zoolight Safari

Last night we went to the Birmingham Zoo!
of course I had to bring my camera to snap some shots of two of my favorite little kiddos.

Snow machine when you first walk in. The kids love it!!! (and adults do too!)

If you've never been to the Birmingham Zoo, it's really fun!  But you MUST ride the train!  I've done this literally all my life

I promised the conductor that I wouldn't post this on facebook.  Little did he know I have a blog.....

All Aboard!!!!

Bennett wasn't real sure about this even with his mother coaxing

but Evers loved it!

still warming up to it!

there he is!!! He ended up loving the train

we saw tons of lights

and Santa was there!

So were the Chick Filet cows

and Santa and Mrs. Claus

we had to send this to G-Man

Lil B wasn't sure about this either

turns out all they wanted was to lick his tray, hummmmm

Your a mean one, Mr. Grinch (oh no, an earbug) I'll be singing this all day now.

This guy is having so much fun huh?

Evey loved the little doe

And Bennett did too!

he finally warmed up to the animals too!

and got stuck in the cage!

and finally, Evey the giraffe!
Have a wonderful day y'all!
Pictures of Baby Cate's nursery tomorrow as we are finishing it today!!!


  1. Being a B'ham grandmother the zoo is always a great activity. Each year we give a family membership to our daughter's family as a gift. It pays for itself in a very few trips. She loves it because it takes all the pressure off of getting their money's worth by having to stay a long time and seeing everything in one trip. They can go for, because of its location, a quick trip or many hours. With little ones you never know how long they will last and it is just a great place to take a couple of boys for a stroll.

  2. Aw, Greg and I are going to zoolight safari tonight! I'm excited :)