Monday, December 5, 2011

My Dear Sweet Friend "E"

"E" had a fabulous birthday party last night!
In FABulous "E" fashion, everyone dressed up like divas, princesses, Barbie, whatever, as long as it required a mask and a boa.  To say that we "took over" Pricci in Atlanta is an understatement.
Everyone was staring at us, and really they were (thankfully) laughing at us.
I have to say, "E" has some BEAutiful friends.
To go along with the beautiful person inside and out that she is!
Truly one of the most giving people I know.
And I love her with all my heart.
Here's a little photo album

another Elizabeth!

Martha and me taking photos of each other!

there she is! the Birthday Girl!

Immediately having to change her hair style (and color)

we decided she needs to stay blonde!

diggin in her basket of goodies for more loot to wear.
BTW, the reason we all dressed up was so that we could donate all the loot to CYD, Elizabeth's favorite charity for their birthday parties!

more friends arrive in stylish fashion!

Tracy those glasses look mavelous on you dahling

no really, they do!

okay, enough!

sweet Isabella (E's beautiful daughter)

we started with Champagne

and had lots of laughs (especially after a couple of glasses of the champagne)

 Diane and Connie

and again

And Lainie made it!!! yeahhhh!
(check out the bling around E's neck)

Kim and Diane

as you can tell, we took lots of pics

oh yummy.  Pricci treated us all so well.  Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone coming to Atlanta!

The crew

and more

and more friends

two beauties!

another beauty!

we all shed those durn boas.  Not only did they shed, they were really hot!

and this is what I came home to. That's my place Cooper!
PS. Art sale is still going on!  Scroll down for pics of what is available.
have a great day y'all!

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