Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Wonderful Day...

Today has been a wonderful day.
A day for fathers all over the world to celebrate.
If you are the lucky recepiant of a GREAT father like mine, you celebrate extra hard!
I am doubley blessed in that I also have "W".
What a great father-grandfather.
31 years of fatherhood has made me so so proud of him.
He has shown our daughters what to expect in a man.
He has shown our son what a woman should expect in a man.
A perfect example.

Last night I had a little Father's Day Eve soiree for my father and "W".
There were 12 of us.
Yes I got stressed.
Taking care of 3 kids while preparing dinner for 12 is a big job.
Very big.
But worth every ounce of stress that I put myself through.
One thing I love to do while I'm in Birmingham is go to Pepper Place.
So fun.
We got up yesterday morning, got the kiddos dressed and headed down to downtown Birmingham to the old Sloss Furnace.
What a fun treat.
Fresh veggies from everywhere, fresh jams, beautiful flowers, dogs on leashes, tons of people.

Like Bean, like Bennett.

So, we went home and man did I start cookin.
You know, I get a little obsessive at times.
Having some camera problems :( so I don't have all pics.
Beef Tenderloin on the Big Green Egg
Bacon wrapped green beans. Spliced with garlic
Rosemary teeny tiny mixed vintage potatoes
Fresh mixed cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, beets and goat cheese (fresh from the goat)

Homemade Peach Cobbler
Homemade Blackberry Pie
Bourboun Pecan Pie

 we had time to play a little "pig nose"
 he will make a wonderful father one day!!!!
 so will these two!!!
 Father's best friend!
 Let the dinner begin!!!
 Daddy opening his Father's Day gift!
 a great man.

Hope all you fathers out there had a great day!!!!

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