Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OHSO Cute Shoes....

I love shoes.
I really, really love shoes.
So much that when my housekeeper helped me move in and unpack she said I was only allowed to shop at Kroger.
No more shoe shoppes.
So, instead of hiding my shoes from "W", I hide them from my sweet housekeeper.
This year there are some cuties out there y'all!
And I'm going to start with this pair that I'm about to go out and get....


 Louis Vuitton
 J.Crew again!
 these are next on my list.  Nordstrom
Old Navy

ohbestillmyheart.  I absolutely LOVE these!!! Unfortunately Gap is all SOLD OUT. erg.


and, if you are already sick of summer.  Wait, it's still spring.
Anyway, Burberry

Christian Louboutin.  How I lust over those red soles.

and if you need a few pairs of bug killers, Prada has just the thing!

Tory Burch

and last but not least....Torys!

Have a wonderful day y'all!

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