Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dr. Oz 3 Day goodness....

I made it through day 2....barely
Y'all, this is ALOT tougher than I thought it would be.
Not only can I not get up off the couch, I could barely take my dog out for a walk.
Wondering if this is mental?
I do know this.
If you do this, you better have a daggum good "mind over matter" attitude.
This morning before I made my morning smoothie, I had an "episode"
I felt faint.  Cold sweats followed by hot flashes followed by cold sweats.
My hands and feet started tingling really, really bad.
Felt nauseous, was seeing stars.
I laid down on the couch, tried to relax, and covered up with a blanket.
It passed about 10 minutes later and I was able to make my smoothie.
At this point, I'm just not sure about this detox, but going to see how my morning goes.
I'm so far into it now that if I don't follow through I will feel 2 days of this will have been done in vain.
It did scare me though.
I have tried to paint for 2 days and just can't get up the energy.
It's crazy!  All the reviews I have read have said that you have more energy!
not me.
I am drinking tons of water and wondering if I'm actually drinking too much.
I do think this is an electrolyte issue.
I don't know.
this is a little how I feel...

I'll let you know tomorrow how today goes!
have a great day!

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