Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Really Great Gift Idea....

A few years back "W" surprised me one day with a fine bottle of olive oil.
Ya know, I had really never thought much about olive oil, and the differences.
I had just cooked with my regular ole Publix bought extra virgin olive oil.
Ya know, the cheap kind.
He had a secretary that was born in Italy.
Her dad was/is a tailor here in Atlanta and he produces his own olive oil over in Italy.
I think it's a family thing.
I used it, and I'm serious y'all, I have never tasted such a difference in my cooking!
I was SOLD on fine olive oil.
So now "W" gives me special olive oils for all occasions!  I can't wait to see what's next up his sleeve.

I've decided, what a great gift to give someone?
It's hard to know if someone drinks or not and sometimes that bottle a wine is just so uncreative.
But what if you gave them a nice bottle of olive oil instead?
They make them in all types of bottles and make for such a beautiful gift.
This year "W" adopted an olive tree for me!
"Nudo" does this, names the tree, and sends you 3 tins of olive oil.
While not as good as the Italian tailors oil, it's still great, and makes for a fun gift!
I searched the internet and found some beautiful gift ideas.

 if you've ever cooked with White Truffles, you know how wonderful this must be.  I'm putting this on my wish list.  At around 90.00, it's one of the most expensive olive oils around.

another "wish list" item

 I think this one is perfect for the man chef in your life.

 beautiful...for a mere 329 US dollars

for a great selection of olive oils, go to:

have a great day y'all!

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