Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dr. Oz's 3 Day Detox...Day 1

Today starts the detox.

The first time I've ever done this.  Or anything like this.
The reviews have been great on this detox, and I'm a big fan of Dr. Oz.
I'm a groupie.
I went to Whole Foods yesterday to get all of the necessary ingredients.

It's not cheap.  I dropped a good 200.00 there.
(alot of that cost was the vitamins)
I did, also, learn a few interesting tidbits!
First, Coconut oil is good for a lot of things!
You can use it as skin cream, and you can also cook with it instead of olive oil.  Doesn't smoke as bad and is supposed to be betta fo you.
I love Whole Foods.  They are so informed.
this morning I had my cup of green tea....hum....wasn't coffee, but I sucked it down as fast as I could.  I did love the stevia.  My friend Connie uses it and swears by it, so I'm thinking I may give up the "pink packets" for stevia.  Supposed to be much better for you.

 the Vitamix is just a "super"blender.
put it in a pretty glass and it taste a lot better.
The verdict on the breakfast smoothie?
Good, in an "earthy" kind of way.
I can do ANYTHING for 3 days.
and I've got a few friends joining me!!!

Have a great day y'all!

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