Monday, June 3, 2013


When "W" say's "you wanna go to Napa?"
Well, what do YOU think?
Of course I jump at the chance!
Since the home office of his company happends to be in this wonderful place, we get to go there quite often.
I swear I want to move there and have my own winery.
bucket list.
Wed., W and I are going to Napa with some good friends of ours!
This is what we are going to do.....
first, we will go to our favorite little restaurant.
most likely they will have a really long wait and we will sit at the bar and make friends:)
then we'll head to Cakebread.  yum.

and dinner at...
The Farm. yum.
the next day, we'll go for a mud bath. doesn't exactly look like this, but close....
and I'm really looking forward to this!
as much as I really dispise the owner, we are going to have dinner here...
again. yum....
the Auberge du Soleil.

 more to come!!!!
stay tuned!

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