Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What a Difference 30 Years Makes - III

Well, I've made it through 5 days!!!
Today I take E and B to meet their other grandmother and stay with her for the rest of the week.
I would love for them to stay with me longer, but this was the deal.
Catiebug and I will go back to Atlanta until Sunday.

Things I've learned.

1) I've highjacked instagram :)
2) I am hiring a maid to clean J's house up :)  (don't tell)
3) There is just something so sweet about a child getting her "first" pair of shoes.
4) whoever invented "Mother's Day Out" was brilliant
5) I have reverted back to my old self (from 30 ) years ago inventing things that would make a mom's life easier.  Ask me, I will gladly give you my ideas for you to create.
6) As a woman you may think you're not creative, as I mom, I guarentee you are.  ALL moms are creative.
7)  Mini vans are really the greatest cars made.  Especially the ones where all the doors open with the remote.
8) the devil made legos, so you will say bad words when you step on them
9) there is no such thing as "organization" with 3 kids.
10) an empty shoe box will entertain a 1 yr old for hours
11) I am a lot hotter than I used to be (age?)
12) a four year old will tell you any secrets.  Be careful what you say and do.
13) I'm going to smack Ki U (or however you spell it) upside the head.
14) Peppa Pig will be next
15) and then Baby Einstien
16) a little 2 year old boy telling you you're pretty could be the greatest compliment ever given
17) stickers stick really hard to a tile floor
18) they also stick to a hardwood floor
19) McDonalds makes the best hamburger ever :)
20) All parents will loose sippy cups and find them a month (or two) later.  If you don't find them, get a dog....the dog will.  And you might as well just throw them away.

Have a great day y'all!!!

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  1. I'm impressed! Those 3 will wear a woman out! (I don't know how Jordan does it with 3 that young!). Props to you for taking care of them this week. Wish I could have helped more, but this whole working night shift thing has got me all messed up. I don't know what I was thinking! At least you get a little bit of a break now.